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A Nerd For Data Science, Machine Learning (ML) And Artificial Intelligence (AI), Focused In Data Analysis, Bringing An Intelligence To The Data Processing…
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Clustering is an essential step in data analytics, widely used for classification, gathering statistics and acquiring insights in a specific domain of knowledge. While performing the clustering it aims to partition a dataset of entities (objects, observations, samples, …) into several groups (i.e., clusters), so that the most similar entities are assigned to the same cluster [1,4,6].

The data clustering is based on not only one, but an entire class of unsupervised machine learning (ML) algorithms, efficiently used as an alternative to the existing AI-based methods, for the classification of uncertain or fuzzy data, in the case when a total…

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Photo by Arthur V. Ratz from
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The QR decomposition is one of the newest and, probably, most interesting linear algebra operators, having several known applications in many fields of science and engineering. The related research of the QR decomposition methods was held starting at the beginning of the XX century.

Today, an entire class of the QR decomposition methods is effectively used in mathematics, to solve the linear least-squares (LS) problem, solving the linear equation systems, as well as an essential step of the eigenvalues and singular values decomposition (SVD) computational methods [1].

For a few past decades, the dynamically growing computer science and IT areas…

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A complete Node.js Web Application Security Project can be downloaded by visiting


“One of the most important investments that you can make in a system, company, or application is in your security and identity infrastructures.” — Johnathan LeBlanc

For the past decade, the World Wide Web has drastically changed the way people are accessing and using information. Nowadays, the Web is primarily used as a permanent information resource by more than half of the people around the world. …

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